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Close Quarter Combat (CQC)

 CQC Level 1

The future of Personal combat training – now! Come and learn how to defend yourself with and against hand, stick, knife and gun. Our seminars teach you techniques; tactics and strategies that have been proven and will help you be the aware citizenry – preserve your life under extreme circumstances. Our objective is simple – to teach you how to stay alive. Our mission is to provide you with the Most Intense Armed & Unarmed Self Defense Instruction in South Africa. This is a progressive system of personal combat that integrates tactical pistol, folding knife, stick and empty hand skills.


• Awareness

• Close quarter control tactics

• Draw fire techniques

• Tactical ground combat

• Knife / Counter Knife Combat Scenarios

• Offensive Distancing & pre-emptive

• Tactical baton applications

• Handgun disarms

• Wounded officer drills

• Combative Gun Handling

• Handgun retention & Intermediate Force Tactics

• Low light shooting

• Understanding the reactionary gap

• Use of force continuum

• Cheat strategies and tricks

• Empty hand techniques


CQC Level 2 

Duration of the course: two full days 

Skill Certification: Graduate and Distinguished

All previous skills learned in CQC level 1, plus….. 


• The Failure to stop Shooting Response & After action Procedures 

• Tactical Reloads & Speed Kneeling Position 

• Multiple Threat Response Tactics 

• Pistol Threat countermeasures and disarms 

• Handgun striking, trapping and grappling intermediate / alternative force skills 

• Holstered & Active Handgun Retention Tactics 

• Shooting on the move 

• Stress induced techniques 

• Pistol strikes- impact weapon 

• Gunfight simulations