Merlin Security Services offers close protection to a wide variety of diverse cliental. Our elite protection officers include
former police, military and private sector professionals with world-renowned expertise, protecting the lives of our clients
across the globe. By being actively involved in the development and training of the latest advances in the close protection
industry, Merlin Security Services prides itself on work that is of the highest international standard.

Merlin Security Services has an extensive database of experienced Close Protection Officers. This enables us to offer
superior skills from a diverse pool of individuals and cater for our clients every need. All our Close Protection officers are
trained in-house to exacting and uncompromising standards in Close Protection. All our Close Protection personnel are required to offer a speciality to their client, thus ensuring a value added service.


Merlin demands exceptionally high standards from its employees. Our Close Protection Officers undergo strict competency assessments on a quarterly basis to test their proficiency in firearms, fitness, driving and medical knowledge. This ensures that we achieve the varied requirements of our diverse client base. Our Close Protection Officers continued level of training and integrity makes us confident in placing the best quality personnel in both temporary and permanent positions.

Employing an Executive Protection Detail should not mean the surrender of your freedom, mobility or comfort. Our Close
Protection Officers will blend in effortlessly into any corporate or social environment. When your life is in danger,


Merlin Security Services offers complete peace of mind. We offer the following services:

Residential Security Detail | Advanced Security Drivers | Event/Venue Security Detail | Pedestrian Security Detail

Transit Security Detail | SAP Security Detail | Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Detail

The age of the muscle bound bodyguarding has passed. Our Close Protection Officers are well qualified in all aspects
of close protection, and provide our clients with professional, discrete and effective personal protection. We believe in being prepared and alert at all times so as not to attract attention. Advanced planning and the use of resources are critical to our work. We create and maintain a sterile area within which our clients can conduct their business free of threat, harassment or embarrassment. We are sensitive to our client’s image at all times.